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Hulled Hemp Seeds
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Hulled Hemp Seeds

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Hulled hemp seed (aka “hemp seed hearts” or “hemp nuts”) is the white inner meat or nut of the hemp seed with the hull or shell removed. The “hulling” of hemp seed is achieved by a no heat, mechanical process. Hulled hemp seed is a “super food” with a variety of uses including eating them straight as a snack; sprinkled on other foods, fruits or vegetables; used as a garnish on a wide array of prepared foods or salads; added and mixed into sauces, drips, marinades, yogurts, power drinks or smoothies; or used in baking as an ingredient in breads, muffins or cookies. Use them as you would any other seed or nut. Hulled hemp seeds are the main ingredient used in the production of non-dairy hemp beverage. Three tablespoons of hulled hemp seed (30g) provides 770 kJ of energy, 180 calories and 10g of protein. As a source of polyunsaturated essential fatty acids, it provides 10g of Omega-6 and 3g of Omega-3 per 30 grams serving. Hulled hemp seed contains zero-trans fat. Hulled hemp seed is very high in phosphorus. Three tablespoons contain 45% of the Recommended Daily Value. Phosphorus together with calcium is an essential macro nutrient crucial for the development of bones and teeth. It is also an important component of DNA and RNA and in maintaining the pH level of body fluids.

It is a good source of the essential B Vitamins that comprise the Vitamin B complex. The Vitamin B Complex is essential for energy production, a healthy nervous system and good digestion. Hulled hemp seed contains niacin (vitamin B3), an excellent source of thiamine (vitamin B1), and is high in vitamin B6 and folate (vitamin B9). A serving size of 30 grams provides 10% niacin, 30%thiamine, 20% vitamin B6 , 15% folate of the Recommended Daily Intake. Hulled hemp seed are free from gluten, cholesterol, nuts, sodium and lactose, and being plant-based, it is a food product and ingredient that caters to persons with gluten-and-lactose intolerance, and various ethnic and religious dietary requirements. Being a source of essential B vitamins, especially vitamin B1 and folate makes it nutritious and wholesome for children and pregnant women. Hemp seed is naturally gluten-free.